03 – Introducing, The Dreamer Household

Introducing The Dreamer Household. Struggling Artist Darren and son Dirk. Residents of 195 Main Street and the first pre-made family to have their time in the spotlight.

The 1st floor, Darren’s studio, Bedroom, Gallery and Bathroom.

Ground floor, comprising Dirk’s Bedroom, Kitchen/ Dining Room, Lounge and another Bathroom.

Dirk heads to school as Darren gets started on making some money.

Darren’s portrait of Dirk is starting to take shape.

The welcoming committee arrive. Headed up by Nathan Gavigan & Nina Caliente.

Dirk has brought Sophie Kimbrell home with him from school and the two play video games as Bella Goth cheers them on. Nathan Gavigan & Nina Caliente play Darts as Darren makes lunch for everyone.

Sophie waits patiently as Nathan christens another Toilet, while Dirk invites Lilith Pleasant over and Nina harbours ill feeling towards Nathan.

Darren, aware of the mounting bills, gets back to his painting.

Dirk greets Lilith in traditional Dreamer style.

Dirk decides to get his homework out they way as Lilith plays video games, Nathan plays Darts, and Nina falls out with Sophie.

Darren’s portrait sells for just $67.

Nina completes the set by falling out with Lilith as Sophie and Bella play Darts and Nathan goes outside for fresh air.

Everyone tucks into Darren’s Mac & Cheese.

As Lilith uses the toilet.

Sophie plays video games as Dirk and Nathan watch. Though Dirk’s thoughts seem to be elsewhere.

Darren heads to bed as Bella, Lilith & Nina continue to argue.

Dirk handles the goodbyes.

Before settling down for the night.

Dreamer Family Tree

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