03 – Introducing, The Stein #2 Household

Introducing Helga Stein, based on Sarah Collins by WatermelonSandal, and her sons Klaus Stein, and Adam Stein, based on Fellowship I’s ‘Bob Profitt’ and ‘Craig Profitt’ respectively, both by ‘Sandy’ of the now defunct Prosperity Challenge Yahoo Group.

Adam Stein
Helga Stein
Klaus Stein
Lifestage: Child (11 days)
Lifestage: Elder (110 days)
Lifestage: Teen (57 days)
Starsign: Virgo
Starsign: Cancer
Starsign: Scorpio
Aspiration: Knowledge
Aspiration: Family
Aspiration: Fortune
Life Time Want: –
Life Time Want: Graduate 3 Children From College
Life Time Want: Own 5 Top-Level Businesses


When Helga discovered her husband Axel had fathered a child with Danielle deNostredame, she filed for divorce and demanded half of his retirement nest egg. Receiving just $35000, Helga took a secured loan of $10000 from Sim City Bank and followed her dream of owning her own business. Sons Klaus and Adam have found it extremely difficult to forgive Axel though Helga is hopeful that by also moving to New Caledonia, indeed just down the street from Axel, the boys will come to rebuild their relationship.

Helga paid $32825 for the One Stop Grocery Shop, based on Desert Trailer Grocery Shop by CobaltSunflowers, with a $10000 secured loan.

One Stop Grocery Shop.
The top-down layout.
The shop is small but functional.
A very cramped Lounge/ Kitchen.
Helga’s Bedroom equally so.
The boys’ room is fairly spacious.
And the traditional bad-angle-bathroom-shot.

The renovations consisted purely of selling the plants from the roof of the shop to recover a few hundred simoleans for the household. And so, without further ado, on to the play!

Stein Family Tree

Challenge Scoring

Prosperity Scoring:
Population: 9 Sims 9 Points
Neighbourhood Value: $96945 0 Points
Total Score: 9 Points

(Author’s Note: As the scoring becomes more diverse, the census will be moved to its own post but for now, it doesn’t merit its own entry)

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