14 – Introducing, The Capp Household

Capp Manor, complete with family graveyard. Home to the Capp Household. Consort Capp and his Grandchildren, Hermia, Tybalt & Juliet. A long-time blood feud exists between the Capp and Monty Families. A feud which Juliet Capp & Romeo Monty to name but two, have no intention of honouring.

First Floor: 1. Hallway, 2. Tybalt’s Bedroom, 3. Tybalt’s En-Suite, 4. Hermia’s Bedroom, 5. Shared En-Suite, 6. Juliet’s Bedroom.

Ground Floor: 1. Main Hallway, 2. Guest Bathroom, 3. Kitchen, 4. Dining Room, 5. Lounge, 6. Consort’s En-Suite, 7. Consort’s Bedroom.

Consort calls to retire from his job as CEO of a major Sim City organization.

Consort will receive a modest pension for the rest of his days.

Making the effort, Tybalt and Romeo agree to make peace and find they may actually be able to be friends. Hermia & Juliet play catch to remain close in case a fight breaks out.

Consort is emotionally drained and decides to have an early night.

Juliet makes herself some supper.

As Hermia heads to bed.

And Romeo & Tybalt play games.

Consort’s awake and decides to practice ahead of his next ‘Grudge Match’ with Patrizio Monty.

Juliet heads to bed as Midnight hits.

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  1. I always think it’s a good job Consort is an elder and requires little sleep as he so rarely got any in my game with all the ghosts that come out. 😀

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