06 – The Stein #2 Household

Adam & Klaus have already left for their first day of school. Axel has not come good with the promised food for Helga to sell in the One Stop Grocery Shop so, to the local park she goes, in order to catch fresh fish.

Helga’s technique could do with some work.

However her perseverance pays off.

As evening falls, she is pleasantly surprised by a Human Statue.

Helga fulfils a Want by meeting Dustin Broke, for a quick game of chess.

And grabs some food with Gvaudoin Tricou.

Back at home, with Helga out finding stock, Klaus stepped up and helped Adam unwind after their first day of School.

And even tucked him in to (Helga’s) bed.

Then completed his Homework before phoning Abigail for a quick catch up.

And making himself a Supper of Mac and Cheese.

The following day, a much more relaxed Adam made, and brought home a School-friend, Emelia Bradshaw, a resident of the Brighter Futures Childrens’ Home.

Helga needs to generate funds and, with the lack of stock, has resorted to simply charging customers to use the play area. Qiao Qigang is first to arrive.

Soon joined by Swan Tricou and Blake Lively, the latter looking a little like she is on her way to a night out…

There’s not a great deal to do, though Swan seems happy. Helga takes time to greet perennial walkby-er, Gavin Butler.

As Tara DeBateau plays in the background, Helga raises her Social need by playing with stray Poockha, who has wandered onto the lot.

She seems less pleased to greet Eliza Dushku however.

Adam has settled in well, bringing another friend home from School. This time Claudia Dunst.

It’s 1am but that hasn’t stopped Puck Summerdream & Violet Jocque from hanging out, quite literally, at the playground.

3am however brings an entirely different type of customer, Catherine Viejo, Luis Aspir (smelling the flowers) and Carlos Contender.

The following day, and despite the efforts of a poorly positioned Mailbox, Klaus brings his own friend from School, Kestrel Tricou.

Adam and yet another friend from School, Bran Stark, show off their skills.

The One Stop Grocery Shop has reached Level 1 however if Helga wishes to turn a profit, some ‘re-calibration’ will be required.

Adam has grown from a Child into a Teen, this at least alleviates some of the pressure on Helga.

(Author’s Note: That was a tough round. The One Stop Grocery Shop really struggles to house 3 Sims AND home business. Adam was randomly assigned the Knowledge aspiration but also has several points in Body so he’ll hopefully roll a Want to Go To College and qualify for at least one Scholarship.)

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Value: $27’798 – $25’536 – $2262

Challenge Scoring

Prosperity Scoring:
Population: 9 Sims 9 Points
Neighbourhood Value: $183’844 1 Point
Total Score: 10 Points

From Sim City Supreme Council: The result of the Draft Lottery was: 1. District 12 “New Caledonia” are not required to present eligible Teen-aged Sims for conscription at this time.

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