34 – The Shake Up

A problem has arisen in Sim Heights…

Playing the combined Super-Megahood has the advantage of EVERYONE being able to interact and get to know one another, however it also has one fairly massive downside.

There are so many households to play, some of which just aren’t that exciting, especially with my ‘hands-off’ policy meaning they are left, for the most part, to do their own thing.

In addition to which, while I will not allow EVERY eligible teen to head off to college, as this is simply not true-to-life, I still have a large number of Young Adults already at College who will eventually head back to the main neighbourhoods, bloating them further.

After some consideration and on the advice of Sarah @ The TS2 Challenges Yahoo Group I have decided on some remedial actions.

  • I will only blog the household if they do something of entertainment value, rather than in the case of Herbert & Faith Goodie who sat watching TV all day, or Olive Specter & Ophelia Nigmos who spent the entire evening simply chatting. Otherwise I will post a simple one or two picture initial post to introduce them or simply leave them out and, *may* take a more hands-on approach to make things more interesting.

  • I will introduce suitable Challenges into the neighbourhood, perhaps using selective households/ sub-hoods/ individual Sims or indeed entire families (potentially spanning generations/ Households).

Without further ado, I have selected the first Challenge to be incorporated into Sim Heights:

The Serial Killer Challenge by perihelion at Mod The Sims.

The Serial Killer Challenge – Rules

How to play:

Create a neighbourhood with plenty of neighbours, or use one of the premade ‘hoods, like Desiderata Valley.

Create a new vacant house using a pre-made lot.

Create an adult Sim and make him (or her) as creepy as possible.

Move that Sim into the new house, all alone.

Once you rack up some funds (you don’t have to cheat, you can get your Sim a job if you want), you need to build your prison. This should consist of a moderately large room, separate from the house, with a lockable door and no windows. If you have OFB, line the room with shelves. The room should be big enough to contain several Sims at one time. You don’t have to put a roof on it, you can leave it open to the elements. I especially recommend this if you have Seasons, it adds to the fun.

If you have University, use the unlockCareerRewards cheat and stick the cowplant in there for some Saw-level sadism.

Once your prison/ oubliette is built, it’s time for your Sim to start his/ her un-official career as a serial killer. Wait for random neighbours/townies to amble by. Once they do, get your Sim to greet them and then lure them into the prison. Once they’re inside, quickly dash out and lock the door, trapping the helpless neighbour/townie in the room. Then let your Sim happily go about his business – build some skills, play, maybe even go shopping! – while the trapped Sim slowly dies from needs failure.

If you have the cowplant in there, you may get lucky and the starving Sim will get eaten, providing your killer with some ‘live long and prosper’ juice.

Once the victim has died, put their urn at the side of the room (or on a shelf) and go for the next victim. Alternatively, you can use boolProp to select the victim and tell them to go into the prison room.


Your victims must die on their own, no boolpropping their deaths (e.g. no using Rodney’s Death Generator).

You can trap multiple victims for bonus points, but watch out! I’ve had victims escape on me and this will cause you to lose points(and your neighbours will actually become suspicious of you!).

You can call neighbours and invite them over in order to trap them.

The challenge ends when your Sim dies of old age.


+30 for each neighbour your Sim traps.

+20 for each NPC your Sim traps.

+10 for each victim you trap using boolProp.


+25 for each additional lured victim if multiple victims are in there at once.

+15 for each additional boolpropped victim if multiple victims are in there at once.

+30 for each victim eaten by the cowplant.

+10 for each time a victim freezes solid.

+20 for each time a victim suffers heatstroke.

+40 for each victim struck by lightning.

+30 if the victim is someone the killer was best friends with.

+50 if the victim was the killer’s crush.

+70 if the victim woohooed with the killer at least once.

+100 for each victim who becomes a ghost.


-50 for each victim who escapes.

-10 each time your killer’s aspiration level drops into green.

-20 each time your killer’s aspiration drops into red.

-30 for each neighbour who declines a telephone invitation to come over.

-30 for each potential victim you fail to trap.

-50 if a romance goes bust.

-100 for each urn broken.

This should be interesting.

Please feel free to send any ideas/ criticisms/ or suggestions either by leaving a comment below or through the Contact forms above.

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  1. Lol! I love that you’re doing the serial killer challenge for the bursting at the seams neighborhood!

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