05 – The Stein Household

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An initial full round of the Stein Household was completed but not storified. Presented below is a condensed narrative for your consumption. It should be noted that while the family have been moved into same house, renovated in the same manner, none of the following is canon and has been erased from history.

Renovations complete, the Stein family (and Christophe deNostredame) settled into their new home.

No longer being eligible to find employment but keen to continue making money, Axel decides the best thing he can do is grow produce to sell to Helga, and which she can then sell on through the One Stop Grocery Shop, therefore indirectly continuing to support his entire family*
(Author’s Note: Axel’s Daughter, Abigail, has been chosen as Matron of “Brighter Futures” Children’s Home, is not counted for the purposes of point scoring, and will not be played as part of the regular rotation.)

With Axel now a stay-at-home parent. Danielle & Christophe both search for work of their own. Danielle finding a vacancy as an Aerobics Instructor, and Christophe as a Gumshoe.

Danielle’s job does not start immediately. She uses her free time to teach Sebastian to Walk.

And makes a start on teaching him to Talk

Kara Asland invites Danielle for a day out. They had previously got on well when the majority of the Stein/ deNostredame family were at the Asland Home Entertainment venue. Danielle is happy to accept.

Leaving the boys home alone.

The afternoon Bowling is enjoyed by all.


There was much confusion over beds with no one actually sleeping where they were supposed to. A mod conflict was found to be the cause however this caused Danielle’s needs to fluctuate and her to become completely out of sync with Sebastian’s schedule. Luckily, Christophe was on hand to look after his Nephew.

Sadly Karma is not on his side and he has a bad chance card resulting in losing a day’s pay.

By the end of the round, the household were all on the same sleeping pattern, if not entirely in the correct bed(s).

The round starts with Danielle being instructed to teach Sebastian to talk, and instead playing Pinball. Then being instructed to teach Sebastian to talk again, instead playing SSX 3…

Lunchtime, and Danielle serves Lunch Meat Sandwiches for everyone.

Meanwhile Axel & Christophe have been sat outside for over 6 hours.

He cannot walk, talk, or use a potty, but Sebastian is one charming toddler!

An on-the-fly self-imposed ruling that a sim’s first job must be the first available means Danielle takes a vacancy as a Team Mascot, starting Tuesday at 3pm.

The boys have finally come inside after 9 hours, and Axel tends to Sebastian.

While Christophe has found employment as a Pickpocket.

And Danielle returns to Pinball, gaining Gaming enthusiasm.

Axel has prepared Sebastian a bottle however Sebastian has fallen alseep and is dreaming of said bottle…

Her Pinball game complete, Danielle joined Axel in bed. In response, Axel promptly got out of bed.

And got in with Christophe. Sebastian is awake.

Christophe heads off to work, just as Mailman Eliott Stargazer delivers mail. Random Walkby Gavin Butler is a split second too late to be greeted.

Unfortunately, Christophe’s first day does not go especially well.

Gavin walked by randomly again and waved at her driver, but completely ignored, even turning his back on Danielle, when she left for work a couple of hours later.

Stay-at-home-retiree/ parent Axel has purchased a Greenhouse and intends to make an income through selling produce to the One Stop Grocery Shop, owned by his ex-Wife, Helga.

Another random walkby, Qiao Qigang, stops to read the recently delivered Newspaper.

Despite his poor showing as a Pickpocket, Christophe has been promoted to Bagman!

Axel all but wipes out the funds Christophe brought home though, when he pays Child Support to Helga.

This kid, he’s going places. (As is his portrait, apparently…)

(Author’s Note: This was a loong round, in which most of the time was spent trying to get everyone on mostly the same sleeping schedule. By the end, all were asleep at the correct time, Axel and Danielle were happy to share a bed, and Sebastian had been taught to Talk and Walk. He has not learned a Nursery Rhyme and is not yet Potty Trained, though is well on the way.)

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Value: $27’798 – $25’536 – $2262

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