04 – The Asland Household

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An initial full round of the Asland Household was completed and is presented below for your consumption. It should be noted that while the siblings have been moved into same house, renovated in the same manner, none of the following is canon and has been erased from history.

Dominic’s home business is started and Danielle Stein hopes the venue will perhaps facilitate the mending of the rift between Axel Stein and his eldest son Klaus, though things are not off to the most promising of starts. Staying out of the way, Dominic uses the easel which has been brought downstairs to help fill the room.

The conversation is difficult, but constructive.
Axel expresses his regret of how things were handled.
Klaus though, feels that a fair outcome was reached.

Kara has come through to meet with the customers and is soon getting on well with Danielle, as Axel and Klaus make some real progress.
(Author’s Note: The intention was for Kara to look for work however a misbehaving mod caused the newspaper to glitch out of existence while she was bringing it inside.)

Despite the door being locked to non-household members, Danielle & Helga Stein have made their way into the residential portion of the house and helped themselves to Kara’s lunch meat sandwiches.
(Author’s Note: It was later identified that while the internal door remained secure, the back door was open to all and customers were simply leaving through the front door and coming in the back.)

Christophe deNostredame is the latest customer, though he spent a really long time just paying the $13 entrance fee. Meanwhile Dominic’s painting sells for the less than princely sum of $2.

Christophe eventually gives up and leaves. Klaus though is back for another visit.

Kara’s efforts to make dinner do not go particularly well but luckily Dominic is quick to act.

The fire alarm has automatically alerted the Sim City Fire Services however the resulting Firefighter seems far more concerned with socialising than putting out the fire!

The Fire-man said it’s fine, so I guess it’s fine. Right?

Kara opts to practice playing chess, in her nightdress. Klaus seems to be struggling with this situation.

Dominic’s Mac & Cheese was overcooked, unsurprisingly. Now simply accepting of the permanent cooker fire, the twins opt to play kicky bag.

It’s 2am and still Kara refuses to sleep, now playing darts with Danielle, who is also still awake. It pays off though as Danielle’s loyalty star is enough to raise the business to Rank 1.

The following morning, Kara is able to successfully use the newspaper to seek work. A number of vacancies are identified but for reasons she cannot explain, Kara seems drawn to a Military career.

That morning, Klaus and Axel are back at the chessboard, continuing to build their relationship.

As Dominic discusses woohoo with Danielle. Which is not well received.

The business’ “1st Simolean” award which now has pride of place on the wall of the venue.

Awarded rather belatedly, when the business reaches Rank 2, while Dominic is still on the phone with Danielle.

Due to the missing newspaper on Day 1, Kara does not start work until tomorrow and so she again helps out in the business, which is slow but steady.

Kara’s efforts again bear fruit as the business reaches Rank 3.

Footfall continues to do well despite the low population and Helga watches on as Klaus and Axel continue to mend fences.

Kara starts her new job just as dawn is breaking on Day 3. And yes, the majority of the (extended) Stein family are sill on site.

Kara’s a natural and has secured a promotion to Elite Forces after only her first day on the job.

That evening, Kara celebrates her promotion with a dance. Dominic questions her sanity, before taking part himself.

Feeling confident, and despite her husband sat just a few feet behind him, Dominic attempts to persuade Danielle to dance with him. She refuses.

Day 4, and Round 1 ends with Dominic gaining a cleaning skill point as Kara sleeps on the sofa. She has a perfectly accessible bed upstairs but almost always prefers the sofa.

(Author’s Note: Towards the end of the round, customers would begin buying a ticket and then give up without paying, but use the venue anyway. A Google search suggests they may have run out of funds but we’ll find out when playing either of the Stein households.)

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Value: $19756 – $23736 + $3980

Without delay, and with just $9 in household funds, Dominic registers Asland Entertainment. He cannot actually afford an Open/ Close sign (or paint for the separating wall) so the venue will not only have to remain partially unpainted, but open 24/7. Luckily in this instance, the venue does not require to actively be staffed, and the internal doors can be locked to non-household members.

With the venue open less than 15 minutes, it already has its first customers, Dora Ottomas, Hermia Capp and Olive Specter.

Dick Grayson delivers the daily newspaper, and Dominic goes out to greet him, fulfilling a Want, and sharing an odd moment.

Inside, Kara and Hermia get on well, fulfilling Kara’s Want to meet someone new.

The Twins rolled a number of social Wants and are well on the way to fulfilling them.

A 1-person Welcoming committee, consisting of only Abigail Stein, Daughter and eldest child of Axel & Helga Stein. Matron-mother of the as-yet-unpopulated Brighter Futures Childrens’ Home

Abigail quickly goes from well-wisher to customer, and is joined by Jon Smith Tricou.

Practice or otherwise, it very much seems Abigail is trying to put Dominic off his game.

Distractions or not, Dominic gains a Logic skill point. Jon Smith Tricou however, is not so lucky.

As evening falls on Day 1, the customers keep coming. A, surprisingly dapper, Dave Lister plays Darts as Ophelia Nigmos pays for entry. While far from rich, the twins have earned enough to get all the walls painted. Sooner or later though, we’ll have to look at expanding the venue in order to provide more entertainment options.

More new customers in the form of Dustin Broke & Ripp Grunt.

The new customers are enough to increase Asland Entertainment to Rank 1 and provide the Twins with a cash bonus of $1000.

Over the course of the next few days, a whole host of new customers enjoy the entertainment.

Tara Debateau & Patrizio Monty.
Isabella Monty.
Tank Grunt & Tybalt Capp.
Jules O’Mackey.
Mercutio Monty.

The returning Patrizio Monty does rather like his Chess, and Dominic is happy to oblige.

Mailman Eliott Stargazer has just dropped off the first bill for the Aslands. A relatively painless $290. Dominic meanwhile says hello to Tequila Hidalgo.

And Tara, the skunk.

Yet more new customers.

Carlos Contender, Loren Tricou & Rick Contrary.
Fricorth Tricou, Jacob Martin, Jason Cleveland & Violet

Consort Capp enjoys some Darts practice while another newcomer, Tiave Tricou, buys a ticket.

A returning Dora Ottomas joins new customers Johnny Smith & Romeo Monty, but Kara has eyes only for Consort.

A successful few days for the Asland siblings, at least monetarily. They began the round with $9 and ended it with $85’951.

New Caledonia Census

Household Changes:
Household Value: $19’756 – $85’951 + $66’195