02 – Introducing, The Butler/ Jones Household

Meet Gavin Butler & Gillian Jones, the newest residents in Sim Heights. They paid $11’000 for the 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom, 50 Middle Lane.

1st Floor, Two bedrooms, Bathroom and Balcony.

Ground Floor, large Lounge/ Kitchen area and separate Toilet.

Renovated 1st Floor, now comprising a single large Bedroom with Office area, a separate ‘Dressing Room’ and Bathroom.

Ground Floor, now with distinct Lounge area, large Kitchen and new spiral Staircase.

And a newly laid Driveway, complete with ’09 Renault Mégane.

Gavin takes the new car to have an alarm installed and Gillian enjoys some music.

Gillian greets Dongsool Perry and collects the daily paper.

Success! Gillian has found a job in the Architecture Field from the newspaper. The money is good and she will have all the cement she could ever want.

Gavin has returned and looks for a job himself. He finds a vacancy in the Gamer career as a noob. The money is not bad but his days off don’t match with Gillian’s.

Gavin comes back downstairs to find Mary Gavigan, Nathan Gavigan & Nina Caliente have come round to welcome he and Gillian to the neighbourhood and a full blown dance party is in progress!

Gillian and Mary tuck into some Lunch Meat sandwiches which Gillian has just made. Nathan and Nina wind down a little as Gavin is just getting started.

Gavin takes the opportunity to watch silently as Gillian showers…

Unaware of what happened upstairs, Gillian, freshly showered, enjoys some more music. As Gavin prepares Mac & Cheese for everyone. Nina has upset Mary.

And Nathan christens the new Toilet.

Mary has another problem…


Using her new powers, Mary gives Nina what for.

Opting not to use any subtlety what-so-ever. Gavin and Gillian go to bed, leaving their house-guests downstairs.

Taking the hint, the guests leave.

Butler Family Tree

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