26 – Introducing, The Newson Household

Meet The Newsons, Gavin and Ginger, Children Gabriella & Gallacher, and Toddlers Georgia & Garrett. All adoptive siblings, left to fend for themselves after the death of their adoptive parents. 20 Woodland Drive, new home of the Newsons.

Floorplan: 1. Lounge, 2. Kitchen/ Dining Area, 3. Bathrooms, 4. Girls Room, 5. Boys Room, 6, Spare/ Utility Room.

Gabriella, Gallacher & Ginger have gone to school, Gavin greets Dongsool Perry while he waits for the Nanny to arrive.

The Nanny finally arrives and Gavin heads to school, 2 hours late.

Nanny, Alison Thompson has things well under control.

Chris Garvey, Lee-Anne McKiernan-Shema & Nadim Shema have arrived to welcome the Newsons to the neighbourhood.

Although they have their inheritance, Gavin & Ginger are also aware they need a source of income. Ginger turns to the newspaper finding vacancies as a Paintball Attendant.

As a Trekkie.

Or as a Formula Tester. Ginger opts for the Paintball.

Gavin opts for Pot growing…

Nadim & Michelle Tse watch TV.

As Chris, Klaus Steinbacher & Lee-Anne chat in the Bedroom.

And Ginger bathes Garrett.

The last house guest, Michelle Tse, leaves.

The household is all in bed, and Gavin makes himself some supper as midnight hits.

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