23 – Introducing, The Gavigan Household

Introducing Mary & Nathan Gavigan. And Son Isaiah. Newest residents of Sim Heights. Recently purchasing 190 Main Street.

First Floor: Isaiah’s Bedroom, Bathroom, Nathan & Mary’s Bedroom and Balcony.

Ground Floor: Kitchen, Bathroom and Lounge Area.

Nathan & Mary have decided that Nathan will find work while Mary will run a home business, an Art Gallery. The Gavigan’s have already met many of their neighbours and have managed to secure two local artists, Trisha Traveller & Darren Dreamer, to supply artwork for the gallery.

Nathan finds vacancies as a Golf Caddy.

Or a Bartender.

But opts for a career in Intelligence as a Gumshoe.

The welcoming committee consisting of Chester Gieke, Julien Cooke and Sarah Campbell stop by with well wishes. Jason Larson walks by at the same time.

Business is off to a promising start. As Nathan doesn’t start work until tomorrow, he’s lending a hand with sales. Nathan’s selling skills have made a good impression and Yvette Barakat gives him a 44″ Flat Screen TV to test on behalf of her company.

Mary spots Nina Caliente and attacks!

Meanwhile, Nathan’s sales skills are attracting attention.

Mary has made her first sale, of $46.

All but one of Mary’s paintings have sold and she has a healthy line of customers waiting to pay.

Mary has sold all her paintings, making a profit of $476 and closes up for the day.

Isaiah returns from school and proceeds immediately to jumping on the bed.

But soon settles down to his homework.

Isaiah finishes his homework and heads to bed.

Mary heads to bed also.

Closely followed by Nathan.

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