22 – Introducing, The Gemini Household

Introducing the Gemini household. So named after twins Jason & Jodie Larson approached Cyd Roseland & Bianca Monty to pool their resources for mutual benefit.
Along with Cyd’s canine companion, Porthos and his friends, strays Danny & Sarah Crittur, can this mis-matched household survive and even thrive together? The housemates have purchased 170 Sim Lane, a spacious bungalow with room, just, for everyone.

4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Kitchen and open Lounge/ Dining room.

The new housemates get to know one another.

Bianca is the first to look for a job. She finds vacancies as a Cement Mixer in the Architecture career.

Note Taker in the Alchemy career.

Or as a Scout in the Assassin career. She, opts for Alchemy Note Taker.

Jason is finding it tough keeping the dogs in line.

Jason discovers the Alchemy career has more than one vacancy and also opts to be a Note Taker, Cyd also takes the Alchemy job, as does Jodie.
Time for the dogs now… Vacancies exist as a Vermin Chaser in the Service career.

As a Showbiz Extra.

Or in Security as a Snooper Deterrent. Porthos, Danny & Sarah are placed into Showbiz.

Meanwhile, Darren Dreamer, Dora Ottomas & Peter Ottomas have arrived to welcome the household to the neighbourhood.

The carpool arrives and Bianca is first to get in.

Then Jason.

Then Jodie.

Then… nope. The carpool leaves without Cyd and he’s forced to walk.

With the housemates at work and the guests gone home, Geoffrey Bigfoot lets himself in and seems amazed by the TV.

Danny & Porthos are asleep.

And Sarah is chewing her toy.

Not long later, Sarah is also asleep.

Danny is up and drinking his own pee as midnight hits.

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