21 – Introducing, The Landgraab Household

Meet Malcolm Landgraab IV, heir to the Landgraab dynasty, which includes 74 Gondola Way, Club Dante, Electronics Supercenter and various residential lots which he rents out. His home at 74 Gondola Way.

First Floor: 1. Hallway, 2. Office, 3. Bedroom & En-Suite.

Ground Floor: 1. Garage, 2. Kitchen, 3. Dining Room, 4. Lower Hallway, 5. Guest Toilet, 6. Main Toilet, 7. Lounge, 8. Recreation Area.

Charlie Tang, Chico Ramirez, Florence Delarosa & Wanda Tinker stop by to say hello.

Shelby Barrett & Vyn Scott make it 6 guests as Malcolm’s house is filled with friendly chat.

Chico & Shelby chat, Vyn has taken a liking to Chico.

Malcolm serves Lunch Meat sandwiches for his guests.

The sandwiches prove popular.

Malcolm entertains Florence Delorosa & Renee Seavey in the Hot Tub.

Malcolm seems to have made an impression on Renee as she asks to speak to him in private.

Renee wants to set Malcolm up with her friend, Tina Andersen.

As midnight approaches, the guests start to leave.

Malcolm prepares his supper and gains a Cooking skill point in the process.

Then into the shower.

Before bed.

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