15 – Introducing, The Goodie Household

Welcome to 2 Beach Front, Twikii Island. Home to Herbert & Faith Goodie, who have chosen to live their retirement years on the Tropical Island.

Simply furnished with everything they require.

Herbert & Faith do what they do best, watch TV.

Herbert relaxes on the bed. All that TV watching must have tired the poor old guy out…

Suitably rested, Herbert returns to the Sofa and TV.

Herbert prepares Mac and Cheese.

Herbert tucks in as Faith remains the same spot she has sat for the last 8 hours…

Finally, Faith has risen… To empty her bladder.

The act of eating has taken it out of Herbert and he heads to bed.

Clearly the distance from the sofa to Bathroom has taken it out of Faith too, as she joins Herbert. It’s 8pm. Goodnight everybody…

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