07 – Introducing, Marigold Gardner

Meet Marigold Gardner. New owner of 1 Observatory Way and the latest resident in the district of Strangetown. As a plantsim, her needs are very simple, Sunlight, Water and Love.

Her house is a spacious but practical Bungalow. An open plan Kitchen/ Lounge, separate Bedroom area and Bathroom.

Despite her simple needs, Marigold still requires an income and checks the local newspaper. She spots vacancies for a Security Guard.

Playground Monitor.

Or Army Recruit. None particularly appeal and Marigold opts to live off her savings until something more suitable can be found.

Eliott Stargazer stops by to say hi. He and Marigold get on wonderfully.

Eliott can’t leave Polly for more than a couple of minutes and is soon forced to head off. Marigold takes the chance to throw out the newspaper.

Then on to her keep-fit routine.

And on to a bath as Midnight hits…

Gardner Family Tree

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