30 – Introducing, The Irvine/ Glass Household

Introducing Chris Irvine and Samantha Glass, new housemate residents of 15 Woodland Drive.

Basic but spacious, each has their own bedroom and share a large communal living room. kitchen and shower room.

Rather than go inside, Chris and Samantha instead decide to have a pillow fight.

Completely oblivious to Dongsool Perry delivering the newspaper.

Finally heading in Samantha greets Dongsool, who is simply staring at the sky.

Chris has decided to fetch the newspaper in order to find work. While Samantha watches TV.

Chris finds vacancies as a Pizza Delivery Dude.

Or Food Judge.

But the pay vs hours is just too good to turn down an Announcing Role with the WWE-affiliated Sims Wrestling Alliance.

Samantha meanwhile has more urgent matters to attend to.

Which she does with minimum fuss.

In an act of pure malice, Chris throws away the newspaper with the trash before Samantha has had chance to use it.

So she instead turns to the computer for her job search.

Finding vacancies as a Pizza Delivery Chick.

Food Judge.


Minor League Footballer.

Or as a planted fan with the Sims Wrestling Alliance. Again, it’s by far the best hours to pay ratio and Samantha wastes no time in taking it.

The welcoming committee arrive. First Tim Stables and Sarah Campbell.

Then Chris Garvey.

Chris (Garvey), Samantha and Tim chat inside while Chris (Irvine) and Sarah chat outside.

Shortly thereafter, Sarah and Chris (Irvine) have joined Samantha inside, while Chris (Garvey) and Tim chat outside.

Chris (Irvine) shamelessly watches Samantha shower, as the guests chat outside.

Chris (Irvine) joins the guests outside as Samantha settles down to continue watching TV.

First evening of work completed, guests gone. Chris and Samantha settle down in front of the TV.

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