29 – Introducing, The Cordial Household

Meet sisters Kimberley & Samantha Cordial. Newest residents of 218 Bay View Drive, Belladonna Cove.

L to R, Kimberley’s Bedroom, Bathroom, Samantha’s Bedroom.

L to R, Lounge, Sitting Room, Hall/ Dining Room, Kitchen.

Kimberley practices painting.

As Samantha watches TV.

Kimberley remembers she should have been at work 2 hours ago and heads there now.

Sanjay Ramaswami passes and Samantha says hello.

Fulfilling one of his wants.

Samantha & Sanjay happily stand in the rain and chat.

Dana Scully, Mortimer & Bella Goth stop by to welcome the Cordials to the neighbourhood. And Samantha takes time to greet each of them individually.

She’s just about to greet Bella when there’s a flash of lightning…

Lightning has struck the Tree and it’s now on fire! Giving Samantha -2000 Aspiration points!

Bella, Mortimer and Samantha try to work out what to do.

Bella simply decides to leave. Mortimer and Samantha realise that the rain seems to be putting the fire out.

Kimberley returns from work, missing the drama by just minutes.

And, oblivious to everything which has just happened, splashes in the puddle.

Meanwhile Samantha requires medical assistance from the Shrink. Who tries some rather extreme measures.

Samantha is grateful for his assistance.

And he leaves.

Samantha speaks with Carlos Contender, about death apparently. Mortimer and Sanjay discuss Dana. Houston Thayer tries to explain to fellow new guest Tim Stables that his Piano skills may not be quite as good as he believes them to be. And Kimberley watches on.

Dana and Houston do their best to ignore Tim’s senseless bashing of the ivories and Mortimer is leaving.

Armand DeBeateau has invited the sisters Downtown. Both sisters have two bolt attraction for Armand and immediately jump on the idea.

Armand has brought the sisters to Sugar Cube Bowling.

Armand has brought daughter Tara and curiously, because they’ve never interacted before, Kara Asland.

Armand joins Kara in the photo booth…

As Samantha joins Mary-Sue Pleasant in the grill area.

Armand and Kara have now joined Kimberley at the pool table.

Tara watches on as Armand plays Bowling.


Kimberley takes her opportunity.

And Armand responds in kind.

Samantha, unhappy that she’s been beaten to Armand, takes an interest in Trent Traveller.

But is rejected.

A dejected Samantha wants to head home and the others start to follow.

Samantha turns her attention to Houston Thayer, who seems much more receptive and finds she also has 2 bolts with him too.

Kimberley & Armand take their relationship further.

Samantha sleeps alone but ends the day much happier than expected.

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