24 – Introducing, The Singles Household

Meet the Singles Household. Sisters Chloe & Lola Curious-Smith, Erin Beaker & Kristen Loste. New owners of 38 Greaves Avenue, Downtown Sim Heights.

Ground Floor: 1. Chloe & Lola’s Bedroom, 2. Open plan Kitchen/ Dining Area, Lounge, 3. Bathroom, 4. Erin & Kristen’s Bedroom.

The girls are unemployed and all need to find work ASAP to pay bills. Michelle Curtin delivers the newspaper as the girls chat on the pavement.

Lola is first to look for work on the PC. She finds vacancies as a Tour Guide in the Tourism career.

Janitor in a local Factory.

As a Cement Mixer in the Architecture career.

As a Security Guard.

Or as a Golf Caddy.

Lola wants a job in the Law career and turns to the newspaper.

Unable to find anything in the career she wants, Lola opts for the best paying alternative, Security Guard, in the hope she can find something else before her first day tomorrow. As Lola accepts the vacancy for Security Guard, Kristen takes her chance to use the newspaper.

Kristen’s search for a career in Medicine is equally fruitless and she joins Lola as a Security Guard. Meanwhile some visitors have arrived to welcome the girls to the neighbourhood. Chloe, Lola & Erin greet Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth and Albany Capp respectively.

Chloe gets some Job Search time and is delighted when her desire for a job in the Slacker career is fulfilled.

Erin, dismayed by the lack of vacancies in the Culinary career also opts for a role as a Security Guard.

The girls enjoy lunch around the table, as Albany & Bella eat on the Sofa.

After lunch, Chloe decides to dig in the back garden for treasure.

Chloe has found… a Bone.

After a quiet evening, the guests have left and the girls are in bed as midnight hits.

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