20 – Introducing, The Oldie Household

Introducing The Oldie’s, Herb & Coral, parents of Mary-Sue Pleasant. Herb & Coral have retired now and moved to Sim heights to be closer to Mary-Sue and their Grand-daughters Angela & Lilith. They purchased 30 Lakeside Drive for $16000.

First Floor: Bedroom, Bathroom, Crafting Room, Balcony.

Ground Floor: Lounge/ Dining Area, Kitchen and Toilet.

Herb & Coral have agreed a deal with local up-and-coming Businessman Matthew Picaso to supply his store with hand-made produce for a small mark-up on the production price.

Keen to try their new stations, Herb & Coral get crafting.

By midday, they have already made 3 pieces each, which guarantees them at least $200.

Dina Bachelor, Don Lothario & Nathan Gavigan have dropped by to welcome Herb & Coral to the neighbourhood.

Dina & Don get friendly in the Lounge.

Michelle Tse & Timothy Riley have dropped by too, more seats may be required soon.

Don helps himself to food from the trashcan…

Michelle seems to have a thing for Herb.

Not one for subtlety, Coral’s made Spaghetti for herself and sits down in front of everyone to eat.

Meanwhile the latest houseguest, Arthob has taking a dislike to Michelle.

Don is peckish again..

Herb and Michelle Hang Out.

Inspired by Don’s trashcan stench, the guests start to leave.

As the last guest, Michelle Tse leaves, Herb is nearing exhaustion.

Coral has already gone to bed.

And Herb is quick to follow.

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