18 – Introducing, The Traveller Household

Introducing the Traveller Family. Taking time off from his Law Career, Trent & Trisha decided to live up to their name and travelled the world. Now looking to settle down and raise Daughter, Tina, they have settled in Sim Heights. Specifically 180 Wright Way. Bought for $43’000, partially furnished.

First Floor, 2 large Bedrooms, shared Bathroom and hallway.

Ground Floor: 1. Dining Room, 2. Study, 3. Toilet, 4. Kitchen, 5. Lounge, 6. Entrance Hallway.

$3000 on Additional Furniture and Appliances and the house is ready to live in.

It is decided that Trent will find work while Trisha will stay home to raise Tina and will use her love of painting to bring more money in.

Tina heads off to her first day of school.

Trent decides to practice his Chess as he awaits the newspaper delivery.

Trent says hello to Michelle Curtin before checking the newspaper for any vacancies.

Trent mulls over vacancies as a Test Subject in the Fragrance Developer career.

Working for the Local Professional Wrestling promotion as a Rigger.

But opts instead to pursue his boyhood dream of playing football and signs up to a minor league team.

Trisha meanwhile is re-discovering her love for Art.

Mortimer & Bella Goth, and Jason Larsson, whom Trisha & Trent met briefly on their travels have arrived to welcome the Travellers to the neighbourhood.

Trisha returns to her painting and picks up a Creativity skill point.

Tina returns home from her first day of school, and brings a friend, Justin Kim, home with her.

Tina needs a Fun boost and random walkby, Juliet Capp, is happy to oblige as the pair have a Water Balloon fight.

Trent heads off to begin his Football Career.

Trisha’s painting is really starting to take shape as Bella plays Chess with Jason, Mortimer watches TV with Sarah McCarthy, and Tina chats with Justin.

It’s only Trent’s first day as a Minor League-r and he’s already been drafted to the Sim Heights team!

Trent brought $1800 home after his signing bonus, maybe life keeping the city team bench warm won’t be so bad.

Jason, Mortimer, Trent & Trisha tuck into Mac & Cheese as Sarah looks on.

Bella & Juliet join in as Sarah continues looking on…

It’s late and the guests leave.

Tina heads to bed.

Trisha follows suit.

As does Trent.

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