17 – Introducing, The Capp #2 Household

Meet the extended Capp family, when Regan Capp married Cornwall Dane, Cornwall took the Capp name. Cornwall & Regan are the new owners of 95 Woodland Lane, and share their new home with Regan’s brother, Kent.

Floor-plan: 1. Cornwall & Regan’s Bedroom, 2. Kent’s Bedroom, 3. Lounge, 4. Kitchen, 5. Hallway, 6. Bathroom.

Furnished (and remodelled). Unfortunately they ran out of cash before they could purchase a TV.

Kent runs outside to catch bugs…

Kent has caught a Butterfly!

Cornwall & Regan make far better use of the time.

Neil Trimble stops by. Also to catch Butterflies… Maybe there’s something in the air?

The newspaper has just been delivered, and Kent takes the opportunity to search for work.

Kent finds vacancies as a Digger in the Gem Cutter career.

As a Note Taker in the Alchemy career.

Or as a Taxi Driver. The Note Taker role pays well and seems simple so Kent opts for that.

The Steinbachers, Axel, wife Danielle and Axel’s daughter, Abigail visit to welcome the Capp’s to the neighbourhood.

Danielle and Regan get acquainted as Kent and Abigail seem to be getting on well in the kitchen.

Axel seems to have taken exception to Kent seeing his Daughter.

Kent is understandably crushed.

Meanwhile Abigail & Danielle, oblivious to what’s going on in the Kitchen, play Rock, Paper, Scissors in the Bathroom.

Kent heads to work to decide the way forwards.

Axel has taken a liking to Regan, something which hasn’t escaped Cornwall’s notice.

With the newspaper providing nothing of value, Regan turns to the internet to find work. The Internet is equally fruitless and Regan instead decides to do something she has thought about for a while, write a novel.

Gaining a Creativity skill point.

Taking a break from her writing, Regan chats with Abigail as Cornwall dances.

As midnight hits, Regan is back to her novel, Cornwall is STILL dancing, and Abigail, waiting for Kent to come home, is chatting with Neil Cameron.

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