13 – Introducing, The Monty #2 Household

Meet the extended Monty family, this time Antonio Monty, son of Patrizio and Isabella, and his own kids, Beatrice & Benedick. Antonio is looking to find his place in the world after losing his wife, Hero. Antonio is the first to move into the newly completed Boothbay Apartments, taking Apartment #3.

#3 Boothbay Apartments, before and after occupation.

Antonio signs his lease.

Beatrice & Benedick are at school and Antonio has the day off so he takes the opportunity to read the newspaper in the communal garden.

The kids will be home soon and Antonio prepares Chilli Con Carne for lunch.

Antonio watches TV while he waits for the kids to get home from school.

The kids are home.

Benedick has made friends already and brings Robin Hiatt home with him.

Antonio helps Beatrice with her homework.

As Benedick play-tests the communal playground.

Beatrice joins her brother as Antonio checks her homework.

Beatrice heads to bed.

Soon followed by Benedick.

With the kids, fed and in bed. Antonio makes himself Spaghetti Bolognese.

Then it’s into the shower.

Before bed.

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