11 – Introducing, The Monty Household

Introducing The Monty Family. Romeo, Mercutio and their paternal Grandparents, Patrizio & Isabella.

1. Patrizio & Isabella’s room, 2. Main Bathroom, 3. Dining Area, 4. Kitchen, 5. Games Room, 6. TV Room, 7. Mercutio’s Bedroom, 8. Shared Bathroom, 9. Romeo’s Bedroom.

Romeo calls Juliet, heiress to the Capp Family estate, despite the family’s long-standing feud, Romeo and Juliet have seemingly found love.

Juliet visits as promised.

Followed by her Grandfather, Consort Capp… Who is somehow persuaded to sit down with Patrizio and settle their differences over a game of Chess.

With everyone happy to stay out the Patriarchs’ way, all is peaceful as midnight hits.

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