10 – Introducing, The Ramaswami Household

Introducing The Ramaswami Family, Sanjay & Priya. New residents of #2 Boothbay Apartments.

Before and after occupation.

Sanjay signs his lease.

Priya heads off to work as a Fact Checker in the Journalism career as Sanjay throws out the trash.

Soon after, Sanjay’s carpool arrives and he heads to work as a Coffee Shop Sound Engineer.

Priya returns home.

Priya’s desire to meet someone new is fulfilled as she meets Mercutio Monty.

Priya can’t seem to get Mercutio far from her thoughts.

Sanjay returns home and meets Mercutio who is just leaving.

Sanjay joins Carlos Contender & Priya on the sofa.

Priya & Sanjay excuse themselves on the grounds of having a long day and being tired.

They finally fall asleep, leaving Carlos to head home in his own time.

Household Family Tree

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