09 – Introducing, The Broke Household

55 Woodland Drive, home to Brandi Broke, Dustin Broke & Beau Broke.

Clockwise from left to right; Brandi’s Bedroom, Bathroom, Dustin’s Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room.

Dustin begins teaching Beau to Talk as Brandi plays pinball.

Dustin heads to school as Brandi eats a breakfast of Pizza in front of the TV.

Could Brandi be pregnant again?

Beau is showing musical aptitude from a young age.

Some neighbours arrive to say hello to Brandi. Calista Fuchs and Tim Stables play pinball, Gavin Butler goes straight for the pizza and settles down in front of the TV. While Brandi talks with Mary Gavigan out in the street.

Dustin has brought Girlfriend, Angela Pleasant home with him from school.

Introducing her to Brandi.

Dustin & Angela share their first kiss.

And Brandi discovers she is indeed pregnant.

Brandi celebrates her new pregnancy by playing Pinball. Dustin teaches Beau to Talk. Angela and Calista chat in the Kitchen and Mary and Tim chat in the Lounge as Gavin helps himself to more Pizza, strangely while harbouring thoughts of Tim.

It’s been a long day already and Brandi, feeling low on energy, has an early night.

Dustin has taught Beau to Talk, Angela and Tim get on well, Calista & Gavin, less so. And Mary uses the Toilet.

Dustin worries about Beau’s well-being and decides to call a Nanny to help out.

Beau is just 24 hours away from aging up into a Child.

The Nanny, Elise Cox, has arrived and gets to work.

Beau gratefully accepts a bottle from Elise.

Dustin and random walkby, Jill Fleig, have a water balloon fight.

The house is full of people as midnight hits.

Broke Family Tree

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