08 – Introducing, Don Lothario

150 Main Street, home of Don Lothario. The latest resident of Sim Heights to have a day in the spotlight. Here you can see his split-level deck with Telescope, Bar, Hi-Fi and Hot-tub.

The single room upstairs, Don’s Bedroom.

The ground floor, comprising entrance way, open plan Kitchen/ Diner/ Rec Room/ Lounge and separate Bathroom.

Don has the day off today from his job as a Medical Intern, and decides to spend a little time tidying up random piles of rubbish which are scattered around his home.

Don calls Dina Bachelor, inviting she and sister Nina Caliente over.

As he waits for his guests, Don has a protein drink.

Still no sign of his guests, Don reads up on Cleaning, a requirement of promotion.

Still no sign of the sisters but Gretchen Chin randomly walks by.

Don wastes no time in introducing himself.

And is quickly turning on the charm.

Moving a little too quickly for Gretchen, she rejects his advances.

Changing tact, Don tries a slower approach. Christopher Tsang, another random walkby, has nothing which appeals to Don and is totally ignored.

The slower approach pays off as Don and Gretchen become friends.

Gretchen reveals she is related to Don’s boss and promises him a promotion.

Don skilfully turns the charm on again and steers Gretchen towards the house.

Don shares some gossip on Mortimer Goth (Father of his Fiancée, Cassandra) as another random walkby, Troy Go is also ignored.

Don has managed to work his way indoors as the charming continues.

And yet further inside as Gretchen falls even more under his sway.

Don presents Gretchen with a gift (a ReNuYuGen Bottle).

Nina Bachelor calls to apologise for the sisters no showing as Gretchen helps herself to one of Don’s protein drinks.

As evenings falls, Don takes things to the hot-tub.

With Gretchen quick to follow.

Don suggests relaxing on the bed. To ‘cool off’.

Things soon develop the way Don intended.

The pictures speak for themselves as midnight hits.

Lothario Family Tree

With the benefit of the re-publishing magic. Don did indeed get the promotion he was promised.

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