06 – Introducing, The Stargazer Household

5 Observatory Way. Home of Eliott Stargazer, and Daughter Polly. The newest residents of Sim Heights. This time in the district of Strangetown where the abnormal is, well, normal.

With only himself and Polly to accommodate, Eliott requires a minimal amount of space. His single level dwelling has an open plan Kitchen/ Lounge, Bathroom and single Bedroom.

With his Daughter’s future in mind, Eliott wants to find employ.

Jobs in Social Services, or as a Masseuse, are too low paid for too many hours. Pro Wrestling is not something he has considered but the hours mean he can work while Polly sleeps and the pay is good.

Ever the doting father, Eliott ensures Polly is fed.

Before fixing Spaghetti Bolognese for himself.

He settles down in front of the TV with his food.

Before checking on Polly and then turning in for the night.

So ends another un-eventful day in Sim Heights. Twice in a row? Something is brewing…

Stargazer Family Tree

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