04 – Introducing, The Burb Household

Introducing The Burb Household. John, Jennifer & Daughter Lucy. New Residents of 10 Forest Way. John & Jennifer are renting the property from Sim City entrepreneur Malcolm Landgraab IV. They hope this will enable John to concentrate on raising young Lucy while still retaining enough of their savings to live comfortably while Jennifer looks for meaningful employment.

First floor. Only John & Jennifer’s bedroom.

Ground Floor. Kitchen area, open plan Lounge/ Dining Room, Bathroom and Lucy’s Bedroom.

Lucy heads to school as John & Jennifer ‘relax’.

John brushes up (no pun intended) on his painting as Jennifer looks for a job.

Jobs as a Wallflower and Furniture Assembler are tempting but while Jennifer has never considered life as an Assassin, a job as a Scout pays well and at least she wont get her hands dirty.

The welcoming committee of Brandi Broke, Chris Garvey & Tanya Metcalfe arrive. Tanya, completely ignoring the fact John is stood painting in his underwear, settles down to a freshly made (by Jennifer) Lunch Meat sandwich.

Brandi & Chris chat whilst watching TV as John, still utterly oblivious to the house-guests continues his painting. Jennifer eats her lunch… And Tanya uses the Toilet.

The welcoming committee chat among themselves as Jennifer washes the dishes from lunch and John continues to paint.

Jennifer’s brother, Daniel Pleasant has invited Jennifer Downtown.

Daniel has taken the unusual but undoubtedly bold step of bringing both his wife, Mary-Sue AND mistress Kaylynn Langerak with him as the siblings visit Maple Pool & Spa in Downtown Sim Heights.

Kaylynn & Mary-Sue play Darts as Daniel plays chess with Marcel Jocque and Jennifer makes use of the community shower facilities.

Jennifer buys a new Cell Phone for herself and a Handheld Video Game console for Lucy.

Mary-Sue seems to have taken a liking to Dirk Dreamer, her Daughter Lilith’s boyfriend…

Mary-Sue and Jennifer chat in the Hot-tub.

As Dirk plays chess with his Girlfriend’s Father’s Mistress.

The awkwardness continues as Kaylynn joins Jennifer & Mary-Sue in the hot-tub.

Jennifer meets Count Ethan Taylor.

And almost immediately takes a disliking to him.

Mrs. Crumplebottom lectures Jennifer about wearing a swimsuit even though she has only moments ago come from the hot-tub.

Even when Jennifer dresses, Mrs. Crumplebottom is not satisfied and lectures her some more.

Kaylynn also suffers the wrath of Mrs. Crumplebottom. Mary-Sue looks on approvingly.

Even after dressing, which is arguably worse, Mrs. Crumplebottom continues her lecture.

Kaylynn has issues with the Electrodance Sphere.

Jennifer complains of being hungry and decides to call it a night. In the background Kaylynn is looking sorry for herself after her Electrodance Sphere incident.

Jennifer heads out to the street to call a Taxi.

While waiting for the Taxi, Jennifer says hello to Marsha Jones, The Atrociously Evil Witch.

Jennifer returns home, with Daniel, Mary-Sue and Kaylynn (still in swimsuit having returned to the hot-tub to wait for the taxi) in tow.

In her own subtle way, Mary-Sue suggests to Brandi that she may not be quite as fresh as she was this morning.

Lucy turns in for the night.

Moments after Jennifer falls asleep, the bedroom becomes the social hotspot of the house. Chris decides here and now would be the best time and place to serenade Tanya.

Despite, or perhaps because of, Lazlo Curious’ (not even sure where he came from?) toxic stench, Jennifer sleeps on as John decides to call it a night and the guests slowly leave.

Burb Family Tree

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