01 – Introducing, The Asland Household

Asland Household

Author’s Note: As loathe as I was to recycle old storylines, the RNGods decreed that my starting household would consist of the same siblings who kicked off the Trials And Tribulations blog some 12 years ago and, since they did not get a fair kick of the ball back then, it seemed only fair to give them a second opportunity.

Introducing Dominic Asland, based on Northstar, and his twin Sister Kara Asland, based on Aurora, both by SynapticSim.

Dominic Asland
Kara Asland
Lifestage: Adult (70 Days)
Lifestage: Adult (70 Days)
Starsign: Gemini
Starsign: Gemini
Aspiration: Popularity
Aspiration: Popularity
Life Time Want: Own 5 Top-Level Businesses
Life Time Want: Own 5 Top-Level Businesses

They started with just $25000 between them and purchased 2 Sentinel Avenue, based on 118 Shields Road by WatermelonSandal, for just shy of $20k, leaving them $5000 to furnish the house beyond the absolute basics.

2 Sentinel Avenue.
Open plan ground floor.
An almost symmetrical 1st floor.
The spacious lounge will make a passable budget rec room.
A basic but entirely functional, if perhaps too accessible, kitchen.
The budget is tight but the bathroom needs updating.
The upstairs hallway has a creative option.
Dominic’s Bedroom is small but, weirdly shaped…
Kara’s is, well it’s the same but different!

Following renovations, the twins are left with just $9 and a genuine need for the home entertainment venue to get off to a strong start which, in a neighbourhood of just 9 playable Sims, is a big ask…

The now closed-off, budget gaming area.
The same room from another angle.
New Living Room, from the Kitchen.
And new Kitchen from the Living Room.
The bathroom has been brought up to standard.
And the Bedrooms, completely untouched…

In order to avoid needless NPC generation and/ or spending of funds which may be better kept within their respective household(s), the next couple of posts will cover the the set up of the remaining households and actual play will start with post #4

Asland Family Tree